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  • 14/09/2020

Title: Executive Director Pioneers Europe
Responsible to: Board of Foundation Arab World Ministries the Netherlands
Term: Appointed for an indefinite period of time

Position Summary and Status of Pioneers Europe
As Executive Director of Pioneers Europe, you would have the privilege of leading a  team of 15 to mobilize teams from around Europe (except the UK) to the unreached  around the world. Pioneers Europe is more than 20 years old but nearly rebuilt. It  has more than 40 field workers sent from 12 countries who are serving around the  world and there are several more in the pipeline. These field workers impact  hundreds, if not thousands, of lives with the Gospel each year. The organization is  legally and financially located in the Netherlands (legally part of Foundation  Arabische Wereld Zending), but the staff are spread across Europe. Come lead this newly rebuilt and thriving team that is deeply committed to helping more Europeans  be a part of reaching the unreached!

Purpose of Pioneers Europe  
Pioneers Europe mobilizes teams from across Europe (except the UK) to glorify  God by initiating church-planting movements among unreached people in  partnership with local churches.

This mobilization effort is carried out in conjunction with existing national  partnerships and national mobilization gateways in European countries and by  developing new national partnerships and national mobilization gateways across  the continent. The national mobilization offices/bases in these European countries  are autonomous. Pioneers Europe acts as the mobilization office for those  European workers who neither have access to a national partner nor a national  mobilization office. In general Pioneers Europe initiates and develops all types of  (new) initiatives that serve its overall purpose.

Key Roles, Responsibilities and Powers of the Director of Pioneers Europe 

  1. Leadership and Oversight: The Director of Pioneers Europe provides visionary  and strategic leadership to Pioneers Europe. Provide guidance to developing  mobilization centers in order to ensure that the standards as set out in the  International Ministry Agreement (IMA) and International Handbook are  maintained throughout in all aspects.  
  2. Strategic Planning and Development: Develop a Europe-wide strategy in order  to lead Pioneers Europe in mobilizing in particular for the unengaged UPG’s.  Working throughout Europe through encouraging and supporting existing  partnerships and mobilization centers, initiating and developing new  mobilization centers (national office, national director, national board} and  developing new mobilization initiatives in Europe.  
  3. Organize shared Resources: Provide (non-financial) resources, to be shared among the developing mobilization centers  of Pioneers Europe. This is done in order to benefit mutually as much as possible from what already is available within  Pioneers regarding procedures, forms, website content, mobilization materials, training/courses, and anything else that  facilitates mobilization office development by mutual sharing. See to it that experiences and ideas are shared by bringing  mobilization centers periodically together in meetings, either digitally or physically.  
  4. Ensure that all the functions of a mobilization center in the Netherlands, run by Pioneers Europe. are fulfilled for (potential) workers coming from countries where we have no existing national mobilization center or partnership: Recruit for long  term and short term members, and oversee all aspects as defined in the IMA and Handbook for a mobilization  office/base for workers who are not coming through an existing national mobilization center, including: developing  mobilization materials, maintaining an updated website, building of prayer network, processing adequately any inquiry  and application of potential members, orientation, security training, help in legal and financial aspects, providing any  appropriate help to appointees and candidates, training in fundraising, budgeting salaries of workers, organizing payment  of fees, guiding and preparing candidates well for the mission field, doing member care well. Developing its own  mobilization office/staff.  
  5. Representation: Represents Pioneers Europe in Europe to the public, churches. Bible schools, mission conferences, and  to any other appropriate mobilization target group, by casting vision for cross-cultural worldwide missions to the  unengaged, unreached people groups. Develop and maintain strong relationships with other leaders within the Pioneers  movement and especially the International Director. representing Pioneers Europe at Pioneers Leadership Meetings and  when appointed to the International Leadership Team of Pioneers. When eligible representing Pioneers Europe in the  International Council together with the Board chair.  
  6. Management: To provide oversight of Europe-wide programs, managing well his own team, presenting an annual budget,  a strategic plan and a yearly ministry activity plan to the Board of Pioneers Europe. Implementing the decisions of the  Board of Pioneers Europe. To evaluate periodically the ministry of Pioneers Europe and adjust it accordingly in order to  achieve the goals of Pioneers Europe. Archiving all information and documents important to the purpose of Pioneers  Europe. Administrating Pioneers Europe well.  
  7. Finances: To provide for the annual budget and expenses of Pioneers Europe by fundraising in whatsoever form and  levying member fees. Supporting field projects in their fundraising. Maintaining adequately the financial bookkeeping,  financial reporting, and financial archiving of Pioneers Europe.  
  8. Recruiting staff: The Director is responsible for the recruitment of his own staff. As far as these new employees are  financially not self-supporting, the costs of these new persons for Pioneers Europe will be totally related to the financial  capacity of Pioneers Europe as stated in point 10.  
  9. Leadership Development: To prayerfully envision the opportunities for the identification, training and spiritual  development of leaders within Pioneers Europe.  
  10. Encourage missionary efforts in general: To participate in and provide leadership for the broader missionary movement  in Europe through speaking, teaching, writing, public ministry, and networking with other organizations within Europe.  Promoting and bringing to the attention of EEA, EEMA, and any other appropriate European forum the vision and need  of reaching out to the unengaged UPG’s in particular.  
  11. Accountability: Accounts for his activities to the Board of Foundation Arab World Ministries the Netherlands by regular  interaction and adequate oral and/or written reporting.  
  12. Fulfill all other requirements as made by the Board of Foundation Arab World Ministries the Netherlands: Serving in  excellence the purpose of Pioneers Europe.  

The ideal candidate possesses the following (you are welcome to apply even if you don’t perfectly match):  

  1. Fluent in English; knowledge of other European languages preferred.  
  2. Based in continental Europe; Netherlands preferred.  
  3. Knowledge of mission sending from Europe.  
  4. Mission and/or mission mobilization experience. 
  5. Leadership and management experience of multicultural teams.  
  6. Make decisions collaboratively.  
  7. Culturally intelligent.  
  8. A Christian and committed to the mission and core values of Pioneers.  

This position is support-based and so you are responsible to develop your own prayer and financial support.

Interested in applying?  
Contact the Chairman Jan Smits at smits@fastbird.eu or the current Executive Director Michael Wagner at mwagner@pioneerseurope.org