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International Director

40 uur
  • People International
  • Geplaatst op: 12-04-2024


To provide vision, leadership and spiritual oversight for People International (PI).


1) Seeking God’s guidance through prayer and with others in the ongoing vision, values and work of the movement, personally accepting these, providing spiritual leadership and communicating them to existing and potential workers and supporters worldwide.

2) Working with the People International Worldwide Board, International Council and operational leadership bodies (Field Leadership Team and National Office Directors Forum) to establish and deliver on strategic objectives typically on a four year cycle, focussing on expanding PI’s reach into and across the communities of Central Asian Muslims.

3) Promoting effective collaboration across the organisation, particularly between the field and National Offices.

4) Mentoring and undertaking regular evaluation of each field region and National Office, including the appointment and removal of field leadership, and collaboration with the National Office Boards. This includes meeting with each National Office Board Chair at least annually.

5) Ensuring that communication throughout the PI organisation encompasses all teams, and is supportive, secure, comprehensive and timely.

6) Providing support for the various field and National Office teams within PI and ensuring the most effective structures are in place to facilitate their work.

7) Networking with churches and other missionary organisations.

8) Monitoring current trends and developments in missiology and geopolitics, and bringing these to the attention of the PIW Board and PI family as appropriate, noting especially:

● Developments within the Muslim world
● Changing views of church planting worldwide
● Mobilisation of missionaries from the emerging world
● Security and other risks.

9) Overseeing the international services including training, the international conference, administrative and financial systems, IT systems, prayer information, member care and safeguarding, and the office building in Tunbridge Wells (UK).

10)Running the international office and its finances, delegating to others as appropriate.

11)Travelling regularly and extensively both in Central Asia and globally, particularly to meet other PI members in person.

12)Updating the PI Handbook from time to time, ensuring that the policies and procedures contained in it reflect the vision, values, strategy and operations of PI, that they conform to charity and company law, and are implemented appropriately.

13)Fulfilling the tasks outlined in the ministry description in the PI Handbook.


Reports to the PIW Board who typically meet on a quarterly basis.

Essential characteristics

1) A committed and enduring Christian faith, love for Jesus and God's Word, able to teach and model godly living (1 Timothy 3).

2) A passion for Gospel ministry working alongside Central Asian churches to unveil God’s glory to Central Asian Muslims by establishing and enabling His church.

3) Effective at networking with leaders and members of all Christian denominations and churchmanships.

4) Extensive experience of inter-cultural settings.

5) An experienced leader demonstrating skills consistent with PI values:

● Seeking wisdom humbly from others
● Imparting vision and passion
● Promoting unity and reconciliation
● Addressing issues both dynamically and pastorally as they arise
● Seeking constantly to move PI forwards

6) Understands and appreciates modern trends in mission and the church.

7) Member of a local church that supports the taking of this responsibility.

8) Has or is able to build a personal supporter base that will provide both financialand prayer support for this new role as International Director.

9) Fluent English speaker.

10) Location is flexible. Travelling globally and in particular in Central Asia is essential.

For an application form, please send CV to ID Selection@PeopleInternational.info

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