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  • 14/11/2019

Opportunity Image: Career Based Professionals in Urban ChinaJob Description

The young professionals of China are the people who will be impacting policy and influencing society 10 to 20 years from now. As they seek to live successful lives, they are also thirsting for meaning and satisfaction, and, being part of a rapidly modernizing China, are open to influence from the ‘West’. This leaves many of them open to the Christian faith, which we hope might influence the whole of Chinese society for many generations to come.

Working in the secular workplace through your profession can provide numerous opportunities to share your life through excellence in your professional field and building relationships with your co-workers and others in your network. While being salt and light in the particular workplace God has led you to, you will also be part of a broader team that seeks to reach these future leaders of China. As part of this team, you will be able to share in fellowship, resources, and opportunities to help reach this integral generation of China for Christ.

The cities are home to over 50% percent of China’s population, of these cities, over 7 have a population of over 10 million. By 2030 it’s estimated that 1 billion people will live in them. With ever-growing numbers, these larger than life cities are characterized by modern conveniences, public transportation, high-rises, traffic congestion, access to western groceries, (in some instances) air pollution and massive population. Whilst chaos often prevails, the friendliness of the locals and their spiritual thirst and hunger provide boundless opportunities to reach out to China’s urban billion.


– Do high quality, God-honoring work in a full time job in your field of profession in one of China’s large urban centers.
– Through the networks that become available to you, look for opportunities to share God’s truth with individuals and communities.


– A university degree and at least two years of work experience (required for a Chinese visa)
– Needed qualifications for getting a job in a Chinese company
– Ability to speak some Mandarin is preferred (if you don’t have any Mandarin skills, you will spend the first few years learning language)

Living Situations

Other useful qualities for this role:
– Willingness to work in a very difficult working environment (long hours of work, cultural differences, etc.)
– Desire to be “salt and light” in the workplace
– Ability to build meaningful relationships with others