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  • 16/04/2020

Beeldvullende voorvertoonThis role could be either fully field based and combined with other part time ministry or suit someone who would be based on the home side but travel occasionally to Taiwan.The role involves managing all aspects of the Taiwan fields presence in Social media, website management and co-ordinating producing written and visual material with field members.

Job Description
Taiwan has many working class communities with no effective gospel witness. Working class people are cut off from most existing middle class churches by lifestyle, values and worldview. Even if they are interested in the gospel, many working class people feel too sinful or too stupid to attend existing churches. OMF is seeking to communicate the gospel in ways that help working class people know that Christ’s love is for them too.

Mobilization for prayer and recruitment of new missionaries requires a strong online presence. Websites and social media need constant updating with new stories and visual media. It is hard for missionaries focused on field ministry to find time to do this well. A manager will help to ensure that content is up to date, relevant to the target audience and that enquirers are quickly responded to . This will facilitate prayer and recruitment for the Taiwan OMF field.

A field based worker will live in apartments in the neighborhood where they are serving, mostly in urban environments. Taiwan is wealthy and advanced, so the standard of living is relatively high. The culture, language, food and values of the people are primarily Chinese. If based outside of Taiwan we would expect regular field visits so the manager would understand the field ministries and environment.


Management of field social media (Facebook, Twitter, + others) Management of field Website.
Co-ordinate with field missionaries to collect stories, videos, photos, prayer materials
Visit Taiwan regularly (at least once a year) to discuss with leaders the field direction and vision and strategies for mobilization.


No formal qualifications are required though qualifications relevant to the job would be helpful. Candidates should show evidence of good experience in using and managing social media. Some level of Mandarin would be a bonus but not required. Experience of living cross culturally or having worked with a variety of cultures also a bonus. If the person is to be based in Taiwan then seminary training and some ministry experience would be needed to obtain a missionary visa.

Living Situations

This can be a full or part time role. Either based in Taiwan or home country. It is open to a person seeking full membership of OMF, able to raise support and come to Taiwan for language study / ministry but also open to a person not free to live in Taiwan but willing to develop a long term relationship with the Taiwan field and serve while being based in their home country. This is not a full time role so if based in Taiwan we would expect involvement in some other field ministries.


If God moves your heart to learn more about this opportunity, please refer to the OMF representative in your country. For The Netherlands, this is OMF Nederland (www.omf.nl). Please write to Harry Lukens (Mobilization Coordinator), nl.mob [at] omfmail.com or to Maarten Kommers (Director), nl.nd [at] omfmail.com if you would like to know more. We are happy to assist you in any way and journey with you as you seek God’s will.

This is a sponsored role, meaning that together with OMF you will mobilise churches, family and friends to partner with you in prayer and finances.

This opportunity is open to singles, couples as well as families with children.

More opportunities (>900) can be found at https://opportunities.omf.org/opportunities-search